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About Our Sport

Thundercat Racing is a high adrenaline motorsport with explosive wave jumping and tight competitive racing in a tunnel hulled inflatable boat. Boats are powered by a two-stroke, 50hp outboard motor with a crew of only two people. The driver steers the boat and the co-driver uses his or her body weight to stabilise the craft and obtain optimum speed. This crew of two must work together seamlessly to attack waves and navigate sharp turns around the course.  Thundercat racing clubs exist in 18 countries around the world and enjoyed by spectators from all walks of life.

About Our Races

There are three internationally recognized courses in Thundercat Racing and one type of course that is uniquely Kiwi. Courses are design to push newcomers to their limits and test veterans alike. Whether by sea, by river, or by lake, if there’s water, Thundercat Racers will want to race on it!

  • Surf-Cross:  This short course tends to be 200m x 300m with boats jumping over waves to heights of up to 12 feet! Surf-Cross is very popular with spectators and media.
  • Circuit: All about the top speed, circuit racing is also popular with spectators as teams walk the fine line of maintaining maximum speed without the rig taking flight from a slight wind gust or ripple on the water.
  • Enduro: These long-haul races tend to be over 100km and raced point to point, they take place in rivers and open ocean. These events run in virtually any weather conditions and are a true indicator of the bravery, physical fitness and endurance of the crew.
  • Surf-Haul: Unique to NZ, this is an Enduro style event where the entire race is run within the surf line parallel to the sand at locations such as 90 Mile Beach, adding a highly technical element to the already physically and mentally tough aspects of Enduro racing.

About Our Club

Thundercat Racing Association of New Zealand (TRANZ) isn’t just a club; we’re a family. Everyone pitches in on race days, it is our community of racers, volunteers and their families that help make our events a success! Our experienced racing teams’ welcome newcomers with advice and support. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on our membership fees and the generous support of organisations such as Pub Charities to help sustain the sport year after year.